One Hot Nut at a time!

          The manufacturers of healthy spiced nuts with  FLAVOR LOCK taste. 
       The taste is on the tongue, not on the fingers.

        Our products

         Gourmet peanuts, a healthy product, spicy and prepared from
         fresh ingredients that do not leave a residue of oil or spices on your
         fingers or clothes. The flavor and spices are in the nut, locked in
         place by our proprietary Flavor Lock Process.

            Glimmer              Midly Spicy
After Glow           Spicy Warmth
After Burnnn       Spiced Satisfaction

           Sold in packages of 2 and 16 oz for spicing up your parties and social events. 

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             Bernie   904-235-9465
             Fanie     904-316-2410

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